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Dan Brown’s New Book, The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown and his book are synonymous with lost symbols and religious conspiracies. Brown has only written a few books, but it helps that they were among the most controversial best sellers of this era. Apparently, Brown has one more book like that in him, as The Lost Symbol is set to be released in the fall. In the tradition of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol is bringing Robert Langdon back for another puzzle to solve.

Dan Brown’s third book in the Langdon series will be released on September 15, with 5 million initial copies ready for release. What is the major conspiracy that the Church is covering up in this latest Brown/Langdon book?

No advance word is out on that yet

From the teaser, The Lost Symbol may be half of 24, as it promises to follow 12 hours in the life of Professor Langdon, as he solves another puzzle in record time. There is speculation that The Lost Symbol could capitalize on the lead up to the Mayan end of the world predictions in 2012.

The news of the latest Brown book comes just before the second movie adaptation of one of his books comes out. Angels and Demons was Brown’s first best seller and his introduction to Langdom and church conspiracies. Yet it was the sequel, The Da Vinci Code, that made Brown the scourge of Catholic and a few book critics.

Brown was likely classified as a modern day heretic at the peak of Da Vinci Code hype. But the Vatican and Opus Dei have weathered the storm, as have Brown’s book sales. However, the failed movie adaptation of The Da Vinci Code in 2006 may have helped drive the hype down a peg.

The movie sequel/prequel Angels and Demons comes in with a lot less attention and expectation, and less of Tom Hanks’ infamous hairdo as Langdon. The first Brown book merely had the Vatican wage war against the secret Illuminati society over the beginning of creation, instead of saying Jesus was a father.

Dan Brown’s new book will be hard pressed to top blowing the lid off of Jesus’s bloodline with The Lost Symbol, but he will be sure to give it a go. His fans have five months to get their cryptexes ready again.