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The Pope Abolishes Limbo. How Does that Work?

Although I am not Catholic, I do follow the politics of the Catholic Church rather closely. I have several friends who are Catholic and I appreciate their dedication to their faith.
Reading the headlines today, that Limbo has been abolished by order of the Pope, I found myself stunned yet again by the arrogance of the Catholic Church.

Who in their right mind believes they have a right to say there is a Limbo in the first place? How do we even know that Limbo exists. Now Catholics are told that Limbo no longer exists? Isn’t the question just the opposite, perhaps there really is a Limbo.

Vatican City and the Catholic Church is really very similar to most countries. The politics involved in the church is often even more complicated that a large nation. Similar to most countries, history is also re-written to accommodate the needs of the people and rulers at the time.

Every country and church has re-written history, and doctrine to meet their needs on more than one occasion. Perhaps faith needs to be re-evaluated. Western civilization is losing its faith. We are losing not just our faith, but our leaders in faith as well.

The goal of the faithful who believe in a higher power is not to argue and tear down another’s faith. It is to accept the fact that each person’s faith is individually crafted to meet their needs as they seek guidance from the spirit they believe in.

Take into the consideration the definition of sin. Is sin really the same for each person? Perhaps the 10 Commandments from the Bible are pretty cut and dried, but sin does actually vary for each person. As an example, think of a person who is addicted to alcohol. Most of us can have an occasional drink at dinner or with friends, but to someone addicted to alcohol, drinking could be considered a sin because they are not able to control their actions.

As we age, many are concerned about an afterlife. I’ve met people who are scared of dying. Often we are so afraid of dying that we often won’t let go of a loved one that should be allowed to pass on. Have faith that an afterlife is out there, you just need to look for it in the right place.