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Turning a Church into a Home or Business

Society has grown more secular in recent years. The change has produced a ready supply of old churches that can be suitable for conversion into a home or business. These grand old buildings come up for sale frequently in a variety of locations and states of repair. Just looking around our own area, some churches are now:-

  • Old People Homes
  • Art Galleries
  • Stained Glass and Mirror Producers
  • As well as Homes.

Difficulties You May Face

There are many hurdles to jump before you can turn one of these majestic old buildings into the home or business of your dreams. You will have to deal with several bodies, not including those that may be on the grounds. Planning permission, change may be a problem that needs to be overcome. You may have to deal with the ecclesiastical authorities to facilitate the disinterment and reburial if a graveyard is involved. Financing the purchase of an unusual property may require specialist help from an organisation such as . Many lenders are reluctant to lend on this unusual property type, but there are specialists out there if you know where to look.

End Result

Whether for a home or a business, you know if you convert a church, you will end up with a property of distinction. For a business, the locations of most urban churches are those with a high population density; if the footfall is a concern, you should be well placed to achieve your business aims.

Residential is similar. Churches have always been built with a sense of grandeur and majesty. The high ceilings, frequent use of beams and grand windows lend themselves to be built into a home of distinction. Many conversions quickly appreciate in value and provide a good return.